Your roots on video

We are a Scottish video production company based in Alford, Aberdeenshire. Although the name Echoes of Home is relatively new we have been creating video films for clients for over 15 years.

Scottish family’s roots on video

Unique personalised Scottish video created just for you and your family.

A family heirloom for future generations

Did your parents or grandparents leave Scotland many years ago?
Do they have a special birthday or anniversary in the near future?
This video will bring back memories of their Scottish childhood. It will include their old home, school, church, childhood haunts, and friends and relations reminiscing about those happy times spent together.

Perhaps those who emigrated are no longer with us and you are afraid that contemporaries are becoming older and important information about your roots will be lost forever.

Contact us and we will create that invaluable family record before the knowledge has gone forever!

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