What we do

We will produce a video film of your roots irrespective of how long ago your forefathers left Scotland, but we are not genealogists. If you require genealogical research we will pass it on to those who do that and then film any relevant features still available, e.g. gravestones, houses, schools, churches, etc.

We prefer and have much more scope to produce an irreplaceable family heirloom if those who left Scotland are still alive or there are still contemporaries living here. Any stills photographer can take a picture of a house but he can’t interview an elderly relative and capture fascinating reminiscences!  
Are your parents still alive? Do they have a special birthday or wedding anniversary in the future? Are they no longer fit to return to Scotland? Do they have friends or relations still living in Scotland with unique memories of their childhood? We will film their home, school, church, the haunts where they spent their free time and any other place of particular significance that will mean so much to them. Perhaps their favourite courting spots, where they became engaged and where they were married. Whatever you, or any relation or friend that we can contact, can tell us we will include in the film. We will interview on film Best Man, Bridesmaids, Friends or Relations if they agree and record your roots before they are lost forever.  
If, alas, your parents are no longer with us, but there is still knowledge unique to them still here in Scotland, guide us to where it might be and we will seek out sources and interview those involved. If they are unwilling to be filmed we will talk to them and then film all the relevant material we can with our commentary acknowledging the source.  
They are all getting older and memories fade so act now before a fascinating part of your past is lost forever.
On our “contact us” page is a questionnaire. By completing this you tell us where we will be filming and give us an indication of the type of commission involved. This allows us to provide an indication of the likely cost of producing various film lengths. It also tells us the timescale under which we have to work. There is little point in producing a film for a special birthday or wedding anniversary several weeks after the event. Needless to say the longer we have the better the film will be as we are able to spend more time on research on location – an essential part of the process, no matter what type of film is required.  
Completing the questionnaire does not commit you to proceeding any further. A contract is only produced once you have provided the answers, if you can, to a follow up series of questions we will ask after an initial visit to the location. It is at this stage we will tell you the exact cost and the approximate length of the film. Films can vary from 15 to 40 minutes but are dependant on all the information and the number of useful interviews we can discover.  

Each film is produced to your requirements, based on information provided by you, and follow up research by the Echoes of Home team.

It is filmed on location in your part of Scotland, and produced on DVD in a suitable format. With the improvement of digital video cameras and editing programmes we are able to produce broadcast quality films. Indeed we use the same cameras as some of the outlying news teams of the main television channels.



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